I’m Iraklis and with my other half Marina, we are a couple in love for the last 20 years and obviously love means everything to us…! We love natural weddings and couples who marry the way they wish to and not how they think they have to. We love to capture real moments, real emotions and we see weddings as a celebration of love and we’re doing our best to tell stories the way they are. To show real feelings, the passion and the love between the couple and their family and friends.

Our films,

are all about capturing the connection between two people in love. We're inspired by moments of delight and connection happening all around us. Atmospheric, narrative, nostalgic, lively and honest inspired by human emotions. We need and seek to really connect and team up with our couples.

Trees, oceans and sunsets

make my heart ache in a

very good way.

I like to sit on

the dock and

breath in the sky.


small facts about us

I was born in summer

and it stamped itself

on my heart.

I like quiet things,

authentic people

and raw moments.


We’re couple since 2001, a beautiful, pure and honest teenage love, and got married on our 10th anniversary. We grew up together and we are so similar and different at the same time That’s something strange we both love about our relationship. Marina is my other half in life and work too… she is my balance.

We’re just better together!

Iraklis & Marina