Zanyika & Werner


"Iraklis, was absolutely everything we’ve wanted in terms of a wedding videographer. His past work showed us that he would be the perfect fit because we really wanted moments to be captured in a natural way (not staged). He knew what he was doing as he played with natural light and captured simple moments that turned out incredible once the clips were put together to form a love story movie. An insane amount of work was put to create the most magnificent wedding video we could have ever imagined. We cannot help but get tears of joy watching the moments we lived in action. It's like if we relived those moments all over again. We’re simply blown away with the hard and amazing work.. Words simply cannot explain how grateful my partner and I are for choosing, Iraklis and Marina to take care of our wedding videography needs. We not only got everything we wanted but we also created incredible memories with both of them on this journey. We’re forever grateful and we sincerely hope to see them again in the near future. We also wish them to flourish in their work and continue to capturing hearts of other soon-to-be married couples."


just because

Elegant Wedding at Eros Villa in Santorini island Greece

natasha & AUSTIN

"Iraklis and Marina,we are so grateful you were able to capture our magical weekend in Santorini island. That was a dream for us and our families. We are so so so happy with how the video came out - we absolutely love every minute of it!! Thank you for capturing those memories in such an unforgettable and enjoyable way."

KELly & matthias

"Iraklis and Marina, we are so grateful that you made this possible and absolutely confirmed our initial feeling before the wedding when we had first contact and later on, as well as on the wedding day, that you’re two fantastic people who really know their art but also have extremely high professional standards. We feel really lucky that you were there!

Both of our videos are true pieces of art and we feel they absolutely reflect both our characters, as well as the style and mood of our wedding. We don’t know how you do it, but we know that the short and long video will be really fantastic remembrance pieces for us for all the years to come. We were blown away not just by the quality of the footage and the angles but also the way you brought all of these pieces together in a smooth story with all these amazing musics, that fit together so well."